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Sundeep Kishan's Nagaram Telugu Movie Review & Rating Public Talk

Nagaram Telugu Movie Review & Rating:Hero Sundeep Kishan is coming up with a crime thriller titled "Nagaram". Actress Regina Cassandra plays an important role.directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and produced by S R Prabhu under his Potential Studios whose previous movie was Maya while Charle and Ramdoss play a supporting role.Check out Nagaram review rating public talk of this movie below.
Nagaram Telugu Movie Review- Nagram Rating Public Talk
Movie Title: Nagaram
Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sri, Charlie, Madhusudhan and others
Music: Javed Riaz
Cinematography: Selvakumar SK
Dialogues: Shashank Vennelakanti
Producer: Ashwani Kumar Sahadev
Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Release date: 10th March

Nagaram Telugu Movie Story Plot:

The story of 'Nagaram' revolves around four characters, played by Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Charlie, Regina Cassandra and Munishkanth.Shri is a no-nonsense youngster from a small town, who recently relocated to Chennai. A group of three goondas field a bumbling Munishkanth to kidnap a child, but the latter ends up kidnapping the son of a dreaded don. This wrong kidnap by Munishkanth, Sundeep Kishan's decision to teach an acid attacker a lesson, Shri's bad luck in the new place and Charlie's tryst with the don all trigger a chain of intriguing events.

Nagaram Telugu Movie Cast & Crew Performances:

Sundeep Kishan has the best role in the film, and he has given the finest performance in the movie. He is bold and vigorous and impressed the audiences. Actress Regina Cassandra is good in the film And has less roles but she had performed her role excellently.Munishkanth with all his wacky one-liners is a master stroke and entertains in the film. Shri has got a righteous role in the film, and he was good as per the limitations of his character.

The Excellent performances and first-rate technical elements are its major assets of the film.The director had done a neat job and the way he had narrated the story is amazing.Everyone performed so well that Performances helped the narration to be more engaging.The editing should have been a little bit better as some scenes look stretched.Javed Riaz’s Background Music is superb which elevated the intensity further. Cinematography by Selvakumar is top-class.

Nagaram Telugu Movie Review:

The Nagaram is different from the other routine films, comes with hyperlink screenplay. The thriller element is decently sustained and has too many plus points. The gripping narration is what keeps us glued to the screens. The film gets its grimy, gritty atmosphere from Selvakumar’s camera, further accentuated by Javed Riaz’s wonderful background score.

There is a lot of good and interesting stuff that will appeal the audiences.The performances (especially by Sundeep Kishan) are mostly natural. Despite slow proceedings and lack of nativity, it is decent crime thriller for sure.

Nagaram Movie Highlights:
  • Screenplay
  • Performance of lead characters
  • Cinematography
  • Slow paced first half
  • Lack of commercial elements

Nagaram Telugu Movie Rating - 3/5

Final Verdict:On The Whole Nagaram ends up as a decent film to watch for all those who love crime thrillers. Watch the movie this weekend in theaters.

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