Tuesday, August 22, 2017

CBFC Clears Umeed with Nipple Scene

Since doing away with Pahlaj Nihalani and his ‘sanskari’ ways, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)  has turned a new leaf, much to the delight of filmmakers. The CBFC has become more filmmaker friendly. According to the latest update, the censor board is ‘not allowed to cut anything’ and only certify a film.

Rajat S Mukherjee’s political drama ‘Umeed’, reportedly revolves around drugs tests performed on children contains a number of graphic scenes and modeling, the film also has a scene where a model exposes her nipples under a bikini. The scene has allegedly been left uncut by the CBFC. The film has been given the clear with only one cut of a shot with the image of  Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

 A sources say, they have cut a shot  showing a pic of Indira Gandhi and did not ask for any cut at the moment for fear of being answerable to the I & B the high command. The brief from the top is to let everything go. If a film is certified ‘A’ it can get away with anything. Those kinds of movies that were earlier getting ‘U/A’ certificates are now getting ‘U’ certificates.”

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