Tuesday, August 01, 2017

LB Nagar TRS Incharge Ram Mohan Goud’s Son Manish Attacked Toll Booth Employees With Knife


LB Nagar TRS Incharge Ram Mohan Gouds Son Attacked Toll Booth Employees With Knife
TRS Incharge Son Manish Goud Attacked Toll Booth: Yesterday Manish Goud celebrated birthday party along with his friends after attending the Maisigandi Temple in Rangareddy District. As it is dark, they returned back home and in the mid, this is the incident which occurred.

In a very shocking way, TRS’s LB Nagar division in charge, Muddagoni Ram Mohan Goud’s son, Manish Goud has attacked Toll Booth officials at Kadthal Toll Gate towards Srisailam Highway for asking Toll Fee. According to the reports, he was drunk and traveling with his friends in his car with the number ‘AP 29 BR 888‘ along the way.

Manish Goud and his friends were traveling on Srisailam Highway and in the mid, there was Kadthal Toll Gate where every passing passenger has to pay the toll fee. Manish Goud wanted to skip the toll fee by driving through the toll plaza while the officials asked him to stop. Manish Goud got down the car along with a knife and tried to attack the toll plaza officials. In this incident, three officials were injured and luckily no fatality was reported.

After attacking the three officials, Manish and his friends tried to run away in the car. Police officers of the Mankal police station were alerted about the incident and they captured Manish and took him to the police station. Police filed IPC Section 307 case on Manish Goud and 5 of his friends.

The injured said that they were beaten for asking Rs. 30 at the toll gate which is the return charge. They paid the fee just to one side while getting back they didn’t want to pay and faced this situation.One of the toll officials who are at the scene reported that “Many of the leader's son’s were behaving this way. A few days back, another leader’s son also did the same to us while Manish Goud had a knife with him.”

TRS Leader Ram Mohan Goud Son Manish Goud Rowdyism at Kadthal Toll Gate 

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