Thursday, August 24, 2017

Actress Sanjana Cheated by Prasiddhi Chit Fund Company

Actress Archana Sanjjanaa Galrani,(Sanjana) has been cheated to the tune of Rs 28 lakh by a chit fund. She has now lodged a complaint against Prassiddhi Chit Fund on the grounds of fraud with Malleswaram police station in Bengaluru.

Going into details, Sanjana had invested Rs 28 lakh over a span of two years. The chit fund has cheated about 50 people to an estimated amount of Rs 18 crore. A case has been filed against Mahesh, the owner of chit fund and his wife Nirupa along with the company.

Sanjana Speaking to the media, “I have trusted the government and invested in the fund. I did not invest in the chit fund at others’ advice. I can’t trust the government now as it was a government registered fund.I’m standing here at a government office and the government officials have treated this incident very lightly,” she slammed the government officials.”

The chit company was reportedly shut down two months ago. The couple went missing, and they are believed to be in a neighboring state. Six cases have been filed and the investigations are on.

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