Actress Katrina Kaif Gets 7 Million+ Instagram Followers
Actress Katrina Kaif Gets 7 Million+ Instagram Followers

The Bollywood Hot Actress Katrina Kaif has become a social media butterfly. The Katrina Kaif made her debut on Facebook and Instagram last year and has promised to join Twitter soon. The actress’ first few posts on Instagram proved that she won’t be your regular Bollywood celeb updating us about her life. Katrina Kaif was chronicling her life on the social media with the funniest, most engaging way possible.

Katrina Kaif who joined Instagram on April 27, 2017, now has more than 7 million followers on the popular photo sharing site. An elated Katrina Kaif said, “It took me a while to join Instagram. I was told that I would enjoy the interactions and follow new people I like, and that is exactly what has happened. I’m having fun. I’m sharing real moments with my followers and enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It is a personal reflection of me.”

In an EXCLUSIVE Katrina Kaif interview with BollywoodLife, said that social media has not changed her life at all. She said, “Social media has not changed my life at all. The only difference is that my life is on social media now. The only difference is that I am posting pictures, which I have always taken. I have a huge collection of almost every moment of my life on my phone. And I just put it there now.”


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