R. Madhavan’s Breathe Official Trailer 2018 Hindi

R. Madhavan’s Breathe Official Trailer 2018 Hindi

Actor R. Madhavan’s Breathe official trailer is out now which is a web series for Amazon Prime originals. Breathe also stars Amit Sadh in a pivotal role of a cop. Breathe is run by a very simple concept of a father trying to save the life of his son even if he has to kill some people for it. R.Madhavan plays a middle-class common man who lives happily with his child and loves him unconditionally but one day his child is diagnosed with a rare disease because of which he needs AB- donor.

To get the AB-donor is difficult for him anyways plus the child has only 6 months to live if Madhavan can’t find two donors. In order to save the life of his child, Madhavan becomes a serial killer and starts hunting down people with AB- blood group and killing them in order to find a donor.

Amit Sadh plays a roughed up cop who has the misery of his own (felt similar with Randeep Hooda’s character in Jannat 2) and while combating this he has to find Madhavan and stop him from these random killings as he has become a monster and would not stop at the cost of anyone’s life. The theme of the show is extremely dark and interesting with a lot of plot twists all throughout the series. The genre of the show is drama/thriller and clearly, once the plot reaches a point where Madhavan’s child goes sick there won’t be too much fun in the show.

Breathe Official Trailer 2018 (Hindi) | R. Madhavan, Amit Sadh | Amazon Prime Video

The emotion this show is tapping in is really connectable as whoever has a child in that condition will at least think of doing it for one second if not actually pursue this. Amit’s character is also someone audience will be rooting for as he is honestly trying to duty because no matter what Madhavan’s sentiments are he is committing unpardonable crimes.

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