Exclusive Interview of Surender Reddy about Dhruva Movie
Surender Reddy Exclusive Interview: The Director Surender Reddy exclusive interview with Indiaglitz, where he talks about #Dhruva Movie.Be it the public brawl or the arrogant statements on media, sometimes, Ram Charan had been in news for the wrong reasons. Was director Surender Reddy influenced by this negative talk on Ram Charan before he met the star in person?

Yes, Surender Reddy accepts that he read a lot of negative things about Ram Charan which were reported by the media. Personally, he knew that all this negativity might be wrong. Did the director change his opinion after meeting Ramcharan for the sake of ‘Dhruva‘?
Surender Reddy feels that all those negative statements on Ramcharan are wrong though they were on his mind. “But, Ramcharan turned out to be a total contrast. He is a perfect gentleman and the only person in the industry who knows to keep up his word,” says the director Surender Reddy. The director seems to have changed his opinion after interacting with the Charan.

Exclusive Interview of Surender Reddy about Dhruva 


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