#IHateModi Trending on Twitter

#IHateModi Trending on Twitter
#IHateModi Trending on Twitter

If you’ve spent any time online in the last few days, you may have noticed that the hashtag #IHateModi is trending. The Hashtag #IHateModi is trending on a social media platform. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticised in the past too for following Twitter handles that give out rape threats, communal threats and encourage online hatred and harassment.

Angry Indians are also blocking The Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter. This came days after the murder of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru. The 55-year-old journalist, a known critic of the right-wing Hindutva ideology, was shot dead by unidentified attackers outside her house in 2017. There are some serious allegations made against the Hindu Sanghas, RSS, and BJP being involved in the murder episode of Gauri Lankesh.

Narendra Modi betrayed the people of Andhra Pradesh by denying it the special status that was promised during the bifurcation in 2014. Some tweets are as follows:

Satyam Kumar‏ @satyamKvachan: #IHateModi because of

  1. Demonetisation Disaster & GST
  2. A huge amount of Joblessness
  3. Low Agri Growth rate
  4. his friendship with Corrupts like Neerav Modi & Reddy brothers
  5. his silence or late reaction to important issues. Love your country & you will start chating him too.
  6. For continuing the charade of fake nationalism.
  7. For false promises
  8. For destroying the pillars of democracy
  9. For being anti-intellectual
  10. For focusing on PR, publicity, events & propaganda but not the real issues of India.

Keerthi ‏ @TheDesiEdge: #IHateModi He is always talking about the past and blames Nehru for all his own failures.

Sasikumar‏ @INDIADefeatmodi: #IHateModi I hate him because he is destroyed our Farmers, #IHateModi Because He is a Failed PM of INDIA HE NEVER speaks TRUTH HE IS MADE UP OF LIES

Sahil‏ @Sahil_suddi: #IHateModi Unfulfilled promises

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