Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena Party to Contest in 175 Constituencies

JanaSena Party to Contest in 175 Constituencies
JanaSena Party to Contest in 175 Constituencies

The JanaSena Party President Pawan Kalyan announced that his party is ready to contest in all 175 constituencies in upcoming 2019 general elections. On Monday Power Star Pawan Kalyan held a meeting with key leaders of all 13 districts at the Party office and introduced the Party’s chief political strategist Dev. Pawan Kalyan said, “Dev has been working with the JanaSena party for 10 months and he will be working on election plans and institutional policy designing.”

Pawan Kalyan further said, “Jana Sena is the voice of common man and depressed classes. Our party is being constructed in most disciplined manner. We all belong to middle-class families and our Jana Sena party has activists across all villages. Our Jana Sena is a family, it doesn’t represent a single caste. Jana Sena promotes the harmony of all castes and religions.

JanaSena Party is being established to provide an opportunity to talented activists. We have very talented activist. Jana Sena Party needs the assistance of professionals to move forward politically, that is the main reason Dev garu is appointed as the chief political strategist of the party. He added, “I will announce the detail of my public tour and place of beginning for the tour before 11th May.”

Dev said, “I have working experience with various parties at national and International level. I have been in this field for a decade. Pawan Kayan is a great leader and he has clear understanding of public issues. Pawan has built strong political ideologies. I need your support. I will share the thoughts and ideologies of Pawan Kalyan into the public. We all have to join the hands and work together to get Jana Sena Party into the Power.”

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