Saturday , January 22 2022
Kaala Movie Piracy
Kaala Movie Piracy

Kaala Movie Piracy Copy Over 12,000 links Removed by TFPC

The anti-piracy cell of the Tamil Film Producers Council brought down over 12,000 links of Rajinikanth’s recently-released Kaala movie piracy copy from various platforms and tackled the situation in an efficient way. With the support from Tollywood anti-piracy unit, the team relentlessly worked to block YouTube links and Facebook pages involved with piracy apart from removing the links of Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala Full Movie online from torrent sites.

“#kaala 12000 plus pirated links removed by TFPC antipiracy cell. 211 Facebook accounts suspended. 69 YouTube channels blocked. A joint effort from Andhra piracy cell, Copyright media, Block x, IT digital solutions hyd, Royal spiders. #KILLPIRACY #SAYNOTOPIRACY. [sic]” TFPC’s anti-piracy unit posted. The Kollywood Film Industry has been facing the piracy menace for decades now. Of late, pirated copies of films started hitting the internet hours after theatrical release.

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