Keerthy Suresh Dubbing Video Goes Viral

Keerthy Suresh Dubbing Video Goes Viral on Social Media, Keerthy Suresh has achieved huge applause as an actress with ‘Mahanati‘. In fact, many audiences felt she almost matched Savitri. Everybody knows that it is not easy to match the legendary Savitri. Only good looks will not be enough to match her. One has to deliver a wonderful performance. One has to walk like her.. talk like her.. one has to convey the emotions through eyes on top of it. Keerthy scored good marks in all these aspects.

Actress Keerthy Suresh is a Malayali girl but she dubbed her own voice for her character in ‘Mahanati’. This has surprised the audience. Pronouncing correct Telugu by learning the language and dubbing for a character like Savitri is not a small thing by any means. We can understand how much she must have struggled for the perfection. We can understand how many takes she must have taken to reach the perfect shot.

‘Mahanati’ team has released a video revealing behind the scenes troubles of Keerthy Suresh. We can see how many takes Keerthy Suresh has taken for a small dialogue. When Savitri got the first offer, she struggles to mouth a dialogue ‘Ee road-emaina nee baabu danukunnaavaa?’.

Actress Keerthy Suresh has mesmerised everybody with her cute expressions when she was dubbing for the same dialogue in the studio. They have shown Keerthy Suresh’s struggles in the video and they have also shown the appreciations to Keerthy’s performance. The Keerthy Suresh Dubbing video has gone viral in the social media.

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