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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Movie Review: #KissKissBangBang latest 2017 Telugu Movie ft. Kiran, Harshada Kulkarni, Mahesh Kathi and Gayathri Gupta. Music by GV (Ghantasala Vishwanath). Written & Directed by Karthik Medikonda. Produced by Sujan.

SYNOPSIS: Aryan, a journalist working with a lifestyle magazine, hates his boss and also is tired of supporting his girlfriend’s partying lifestyle. Things get worse for him when he loses his wallet at a bar and in a twist of fate, he finds himself being threatened by junkies.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Story: Aryan (Kiran) is a media personnel who is in live in relation with Sweety (Harshada Kulkarni). He lives happily with Sweety but soon starts losing his happiness as he hates his profession and he asks her to get out of his house but she doesn’t bother to listen to him. So Aryan leaves the house himself and soon he gets entangled in a brutal murder involving a prostate (Gayatri Gupta). What happens next? How did Aryan get involved in the murder Case? How will he come out of this mess? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on the silver screen.

Actors Performance: Kiran delivers his fantastic performance as a frustrated Youngster. His body language is appreciable. Gayatri Gupta is the best of the lot as she gives a decent performance in her role. Harshada Kulkarni grabs the attention of audiences with her glamour. She provides the necessary eye candy and goes bold in some scenes. Katti Mahesh evoked few laughs as the boss. Ravikanth, Bharat Reddy, Praveen and others performed accordingly.

Technical: The major asset of the movie is its production value. Even though Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is made on a budget of Rs 40 lakhs but it looks quite rich. The cinematography work is good. Govind Dittakavi’s editing is just OK. The background score of the film is impressive as it elevates the proceedings quite well. Coming to the work of director Karthik Medikonda, who tried to impress the movie lovers with a crime thriller, did a good job with the film but he missed many logics in the narration of the story.

Analysis: Overall Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a good entertainer movie but the usage of cuss words and unnecessary hard-hitting scenes make the viewers uncomfortable. In the first half, the director showcases the story by incorporating elements like partying culture, romance, breakups, traps and murders for money. As all the scenes are interlinked, the viewer gets the answers during the second half. The scenes which showcase the nightlife of Hyderabad have been executed well.

Final Verdict: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Telugu Full Movie seems to have got inspiration from many Hollywood films and lacks real kick!

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