Mahesh Babu Daughter Sitara Singing BOOM BOOM Song

 Sitara Singing BOOM BOOM Song

BOOM BOOM Song: Mahesh Babu’s ‘SPYder is one of the most awaited Film in Telugu. While we are waiting for more promos to enchant us and make our wait worthy, the makers of the movie released the music single song ‘Boom Boom’. Super Star Mahesh Babu shared a video of his cute daughter Sitara listening to the one song on loop.

While traveling in a car, Sitara was spotted humming to the title track of Spyder, ‘Boom Boom’. None other than Mahesh Babu shared this amazing video on his Twitter page. Superstar disclosed ‘Boom Boom‘ became Sitara’s favorite and she can’t stop listening to it repeatedly.

Sitara Singing BOOM BOOM Song #SPYDER

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