Naga Chaitanya’s Yuddham Sharanam Movie Teaser

 Yuddham Sharanam Movie Teaser
Yuddham Sharanam Movie Teaser: The makers have released Yuddham Sharanam official teaser which is quite intriguing and will leave us asking for more. The Yuddham Sharanam teaser indicates that the film will be an action-oriented with a revenge seeking plot.
Actress Lavanya Tripathi plays the love interest of Naga Chaitanya in the film. The film also features veteran actress Revathy and going by the teaser, she seems to be playing Naga Chaitanya’s mother in the film.
What catches our attention in the teaser of Yuddham Sharaanam is veteran actor Srikanth’s look in the film which will blow our mind off. Srikanth seems to be playing the role of antagonist in Yuddham Sharanam, going by what is showed in the teaser.
Yuddhan Sharanam will now be the most watched out for the film in the career of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and will keep fans of Naga Chaitanya and Telugu movie-goers excited.

Watch Yuddham Sharanam Movie Teaser

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