Operation 2019 Trailer

The Filmmakers have released the Operation 2019 Trailer and it appears to be an intense political drama. The 2-minute 5 seconds Operation 2019 Trailer has focused majorly on ‘Public Star’ Srikanth’s performance as a powerful politician. Srikanth appeared in different look with a beard and a white lungi.

There is a single dialogue at the end of the Operation 2019 theatrical trailer which grabs the attention of the audience..”Gandhi kadupuna Gandhi Puttadu.. NTR Kadupuna NTR Puttadu.. Megastar Kadupuna Megastar Puttadu’. Srikanth mouthed this powerful dialogue in his unique style. The trailer reminds the audience of Srikanth’s super hit film ‘Operation Duryodhana'(2007). We have to wait and see Srikanth will repeat his magic once again with the political backdrop film.

Posani Krishna Murali, Nagineedu, Kota Srinivasa Rao played other crucial roles in the film. Diksha Panth is the heroine of the movie. Rap Rock Shakeel is the music director. Karanam Babji is the director. ‘Operation 2019’ is produced by Alivelu under Alvelamma Productions banner.

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