Ram Charan Funny Interview With Viva Harsha

The ChaiBisket team was shooting for a new video when they bumped into Mega Powerstar Ram Charan. What followed was a series of unforgettable situations. A fun interaction with Ram Charan. Check out “Chai With Charan” Full Video.

Cast and Crew: Masala Sandeep, Suhas, Anupama & Harsha.
Sound: Santosh
Cinematography : Mahesh, Revanth & Sai Kiran
Music: Yashwanth Nag
Editor: Akshay Raj
Direction Supervision: Sridhar Reddy & Samosa Uday
Producers: Anurag-Sharath

Watch Ram Charan Funny Interview With Viva Harsha’s

 “Chai With Charan” Full Video :


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