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Rashmi Gautham Opens Up About Tollywood Casting Couch

The Tollywood Actress Rashmi Gautham is a well Known face for Telugu audience. She is known for hosting the Telugu television comedy show Extra Jabardasth. Anchor Rashmi Gautham has also been the part of several Telugu movies -Current, Charuseela, Guntur Talkies, Antham, Next Nuvvu etc. Recently Rashmi Gautham had a chat session with her fans on social media and she gave all the answer very cleverly. Rashmi Gautham Opens Up about casting couch in Telugu film Industry.

When one fan asked Rashmi Gautham about the casting couch in Telugu Film Industry, Rashmi Gautham said “It is everywhere from normal business institutions to Film Industry. Stop highlighting the casting couch issue in Film Industry as it is a soft target and start doing something substantial to eradicate it.”

Telugu actress Sri Reddy’s protest against the casting couch has already shaken the entire Telugu film industry. In the past, Sri Reddy revealed several names- Abhiram Daggubati, Kona Venkat, singer Sriram Chandra, comedian Viva Harsha who asked for sexual favors.



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