Pakistani Actress Saba Qamar Leaked Private Photos

Saba Qamar Leaked Private Photos
Saba Qamar Leaked Private Photos

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar became subject to some nasty comments and trolling on social media after a few behind-the-scenes pictures from her recent photoshoot got leaked. Actress Saba Qamar Leaked Private Photos has been trolled for smoking and apparently not wearing innerwear under her shirt.

The pictures show Saba Qamar holding a cigarette, while someone fixing her hair as she was trying to remove her blazer. The person who clicked the pictures seems to be well known to the actress as she is seen pleasantly smiling to the camera.

Although she did not share the images, the pictures somehow got leaked on social media, and in no time, went viral. The photos appear to be private in nature as Saba Qamar was changing, and was taking a break from the shoot.

While the exact source of the pictures being leaked online is not known, the images have apparently been shared without Saba Qamar’s permission. Apparently, one person had recorded a BTS video of the actress, and screenshots of the same went viral.

Saba Qamar Leaked Private Photos

As soon as the pictures appeared on social media, many started to troll and slut-shame the Pakistani actress Saba Qamar. While some made vulgar comments on the images, some others slammed her accusing her of insulting Islam religion.

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