Bethaludu Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Public Talk

 Bethaludu Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Public Talk

Movie : Bethaludu 

Cast : Vijay Antony, Arundhathi Nair
Directed by : Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
Produced by : Fathima Vijay Antony
Music : Vijay Antony
Release Date : December 01, 2016
Bethaludu Movie Rating : 3/5 .

Bethaludu Movie Review: Actor Vijay Anthony’s “Betaaludu” built bigger expectations ahead of the release and The film even released footage of the first nine minutes of the film generating huge hype. But the movie disappoints with a story that is a mix of supernatural thriller, psychology, and criminal elements, something has gone amiss in the execution of the plot. Whether the fault lies with the complex plot selection or the characterization of the hero or the half-hearted treatment of the various angles the director wanted to project through the main plot, the audience feels disconnected with the film half-way.

Story: Bethaludu Movie Story is about Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is software professional working in Hyderabad. He gets married to a girl Aishwarya (Arundhati Nair) who contacts him through a matrimonial website. He gets to hear strange voices in his body.A psychiatrist hypnotizes him and takes him to the time of his last birth.

In his last birth, he was a teacher called Sharma in Macharla. He adopts a boy and lives with them. A young girl Jayalakshmi joins his school and soon he asks her to marry him despite huge gap between their ages.After their marriage, Jayalakshmi gets attracted to another young teacher. She kills him with the help of his lover over an issue. Now, in the present time, that Jayalakshmi is born as his wife Aishwarya. Sharma who is in the body of Dinesh would kill her now? What is the twist?

Artistes’ Performances: The actor Vijay Anthony as Dinesh and Sharma is terrific and has done justice for both variant roles. He scores well as performer, Arundhati Nair as Aishwarya and Jaya Lakshmi is fantastic and she too performed well in her variant roles. Y G Mahendra is good as boss of Vijay Anthony. Kitty is good as Psychologist of Vijay Anthony. The one who did Vijay Anthony’s friend role is superb in the very limited screen presence. Other actors performed well as per the requirement of their roles.

Analysis: On the whole Bhetaludu film which has some very gripping moments. The storyline and execution are quite new and makes things interesting for the entire first half. However, a slow and a bit over the top climax can spoil the fun completely. If you are tired of the regular masala entertainers which are churned out every week, you can easily give this film a shot which is a bit different and ends up as a time pass watch this weekend.

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