Shruti Haasan says Be The Bitch : The latest addition to Blush’s series of celebrity videos themed on women empowerment. In September, the youtube channel, in collaboration with skin care products brand Vivel, released a video Ab Samjhauta Nahin, again a monologue, by Amitabh Bachchan urging women to say no to a compromised life.

Be The Bitch Shruti Haasan Unblushed Video
Shruti Haasan Be The Bitch 
Actress Shruti Haasan has performed monologue that delivers a hard-hitting message to people who use the word ‘bitch’ to insult women. Written by Shruti and titled Be The Bitch, the actor, in the monologue, asks women to embrace the word and be proud of who they are. In the video Shruti Haasan says, “Bitch is a verbal eye-roll you make to classify any woman who is not your cup of tea because she refuses to pour it. The bitch is a girl who said no and she meant it and she left with a yes safely tucked in her handbag.”

Be The Bitch Shruti Haasan Unblushed


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