YouTube Star Collins Key Wants to Expand Base in India

YouTube Star Collins Key Wants to Expand Base in India

YouTube star Collins Key wants to expand his base in India and says he is looking at doing some “Bollywood movies, TV shows, films and live events” in the country. Collins Key is a magician and an “America’s Got Talent” finalist. The star came to India for the first time earlier this year for YouTube Fanfest 2018.

“I am actually very interested in working with the Indian artistes and actually I am beginning that by collaborating with the local creators in India. It is really interesting to see the different creative process here in India versus the life in the US,” Collins told IANS in an email interview.

“The example is that we both kind of have the same genre as we have comedy, sketches and music, but the way that it is done in the US and the way it is done here in India is very different in a lot of ways, which I think is absolutely fascinating… And so we have some crazy ideas for the collaborations to do here in India with different artists, different YouTubers, different Bollywood stars.

“I am going to be coming here a lot more doing a lot more trips to India, specially this year,” he added. Collins Key is looking forward to build the business in India this year.

“I had a fantastic first trip and I am going to be back and a lot of times. I am also really interested to work with the brands out here… I am just really excited to leverage my YouTube audience which is almost 160 million views a video and almost 11 million subscribers and we are also looking to do some Bollywood, looking at doing some TV shows, films, and live events and really building a business out here,” he added.

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