Adult Film Stars Painted Posters on Kerala Buses Grabbed Attention

Adult Film Stars Painted Posters on Kerala Buses

The Kerala Buses with Adult Film Stars Painted posters has been going viral on the social media, living Netizens in splits. The photographs present common stars like Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa amongst others painted on the Kerala luxurious tour bus. Posting the photos of the bus that has images of Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa among others, Twitter user @Basi_cally wrote, “Bus in Kerala you cannot be serious mate”.

His tweet quickly grabbed attention for obvious reasons and many remarked they had not seen such buses anywhere else. It even managed to get a reaction fromThe Brazzers star Keiran Lee.

Well, to be fair, Kerala has a thing for painted buses, where often subject varies from famous movie stars to temple elephants or even dancers in traditional classical dance poses. But this one with adult movie stars certainly startled many online.

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