APPSA lambasts Ram Gopal Varma for KADAPA Web Series

APPSA lambasts Ram Gopal Varma for KADAPA Web Series

KADAPA Web Series: Director Ram Gopal Varma creates a huge sensation always stands in the news headlines. Whatever he does or speaks becomes a controversy. However, he always reacts to each controversy and replies in his own unique way and makes a particular group of people angry. It’s a known fact that RGV recently released the trailer for his upcoming web series titled as Kadapa. The series run with faction backdrop and the trailer video itself is hinting that the series is full of violence.

The KADAPA trailer impressed a particular set of people and the YouTube comments are the proof of it. On the other side, some people in Kadapa are taking it negatively and becoming serious on the web series. They are warning that if Varma visits Kadapa then they will kick him out. Even the Andhra Pradesh Private School Association (APPSA) is also fuming on RGV.

Secretary Ramana Reddy is demanding the web series should be banned from airing. They are stating that Pothuluri Veera Brahmendra Swami – Annamacharya – Dadasahed Falke award winners B.N.Reddy, Nagireddy, veteran comedian Padmanabham were born on the land of Kadapa. But Varma claiming it as the land of faction is really bad and both politicians and movie celebrities should support them in banning the web series. We have to wait and see what happens to Kadapa web series now.

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