Asadhyudu Movie (1968) Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Asadhyudu Movie 1968 Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Asadhyudu Movie 1968 Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Super Star Krishna’s Asadhyudu Movie (1968) over the completion of 50 years of its release. Speaking in this regard, he said Asadhyudu movie will complete 50 years on 12th January and said it was his first movie which was released for Pongal. He said he acted as Alluri Sitarama Raju in a ballet in the movie which was directed by Ramachandra Rao. Krishna said it was his dream to act as Alluri Sitarama Raju in full-length character ever since he acted in the ballet in Asadhyudu movie which he fulfilled later with Ramachandra Rao as director.

With the success of Goodhachari 116, the entire Telugu Film Industry’s eyes were on Krishna. Producers who earlier thought it is a risk to invest in an upcoming hero found confidence in the actor and wanted to make more such detective based films. Upayam lo Apaayam, Nenantene come under this category.

The first film which became successful in this series was Asadhyudu. Pahilwan Nellore Kantha Rao who was the owner of Kanakamahalakshmi Theatre in Nellore turned an actor mainly in villain roles in Telugu Cinema. He became a producer as well by dubbing Server Sundaram from Tamil into Telugu and the first straight film in Telugu was Asadhyudu. Arudra wrote the script keeping the Krishna’s James Bond image clearly in mind.

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