Comedian Prudhvi Raj about Tollywood Casting Couch

In the recent times, many actors are openly coming and talking about the existing casting couch in the film industry. Now, Tollywood comedian Prudhvi Raj has revealed his views on the casting couch. He said the reputation of Tollywood has damaged because of few character artistes. He asked Sri Reddy why she went to the guest house with a producer after knowing about him.

The Tollywood comedian Prudhvi Raj has made it clear that there is no casting couch culture in Telugu film industry. The comedian said the director and producer select heroine based on the role in the movie. To a question, Prudhvi Raj said Telugu heroines are no match with north Indian heroines in performance and beauty.

Prudhvi Raj said that there is it happening but also, he says that it should not be projected to an extent which it was not existing. “I am sure that nothing happens without the consent of women. If the film industry is filled with $exual predators, why not leave it instead of spreading rumors. The situation is not as worse as it is being projected,” he said.

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