Bollywood Celebrity Masturbation Scenes

The Bollywood Celebrity Masturbation Scenes in Two movies Veere Di Wedding and Lust Stories have been much talked about for the masturbation scenes. First, Swara Bhasker was seen pleasuring herself with a vibrator in Veere Di Wedding, and then Actress Kiara Advani and Neha Dhupia did the same in Lust Stories. IBT caught hold of some statistics that suggest these masturbation scenes involving women have resulted in a hike in sales of female sex toys in India.

IB Times has some data and statistics from adult store (Sunny Leone is the face) that shows that the sale in sex toys for female buyers in India rose by 44 percent in the month of June. While the sale of sex toys for women from January to May was of Rs 1,78,99,775, the same online store witnessed a sale of Rs 1,18,99,346 in June alone.

After Bollywood Celebrity Masturbation Scenes; Sale of Sex Toys by 44%

  • Sale of Sex Toys in June: Rs.2,31,89,780
  • Sale of Sex Toys for Women in June: Rs1,18,99,346
  • Sale of Sex Toys in Jan-May: Rs.7,22,78,669
  • Sale of Sex Toys for Women in Jan-May: Rs1,78,99,775

According to the data, although the female traffic on the website increased by just 1 percent, their spending rose by 44 percent. Interestingly, highest sales for this month from female traffic on the website happened from June 15, right after the release of Lust Stories. The top five cities in India that brought about the highest sales in sex toys for women in the month of June on the website are Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and New Delhi.



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