How To Join RGV UNSCHOOL Film Institute

How To Join RGV UNSCHOOL Film Institute

The Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has launched his film institute. He vows to train the students in an unconventional system designed him. He shares the training process and joining procedure. Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his path-breaking movies is going to launch his own film institute named in his quintessential style as ‘RGV UNSCHOOL‘ with an eccentric methodology in training.

Addressing on the occasion, RGV said he was a bad student in his educational career and revealed his failures in studies. The director has revealed why he chose Unschool as the name of the film institute. It is learned that RGV is setting up the institute in partnership with Dr. Ram Swaroop and New York-based Dr. Swetha Reddy.

Any system by definition in general continuously programmes one’s mind to just follow what the majority does and conditions one to ignore one’s own inner calling. To curb this RGV UNSCHOOL has been designed to be an Anti-System. Any establishment usually makes a book of rules to be followed. The only rule at RGV UNSCHOOL will be to not to have any rules. UNSCHOOL‘S motive will be to give rise to a radical group of individuals whose only objective will be to generate pathbreaking content which will be also highly entertaining

To start with UNSCHOOL would make its students explore new roads in acting, direction, music, cinematography, editing sound design and then it will keep adding more Aspiring filmmakers from wherever they are, who are interested in joining the RGV UNSCHOOL as a first step would be asked to fill in the below form along with their names addresses and send them to

Questions to an RGV UNSCHOOL Applicant

Phase 1
1)Name 10 best films that you really liked or were influenced by?
(This is to know the applicants taste and sensibility )
2)Name 3 of the worst films and write two to three lines on each of them on why you did not like them?
(The reasons will give a peek into the applicants analytical intelligence)
3)What is the last flop film,you liked and why?
(This is to test the degree of intelligence in one’s honesty)
4)What is the last hit film you hated and why?
(This is to test how strongly one is opinionated)
5)Can you mention one scene in any film which you think has been very well directed and give your reasons for why you think that?
(This is to test how much one actually understands what directing is about? )
6)If you were to shoot “Satya” today with today’s available technology what cameras will you use and how many days do you think you will take?
(This is to test how updated in technology he is from the Internet and how much he understands of the practical aspects of production)
7)As a first attempt what kind of film would you like to direct and why?
(This is to understand the degree of one’s ambition )
Based on the answers to the above questions a few will be shortlisted and then they will be taken trough the process of joining the UNSCHOOL

A website of RGV UNSCHOOL will be put up by June 20th giving further details about the methods and also the other logistics of the UNSCHOOL.

Ram Gopal Varma
Dr.Swetha Reddy

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