Thursday , October 28 2021
John Abraham Winking Poster on a Gay Cruise

John Abraham Winking Poster on a Gay Cruise

The Bollywood handsome actor John Abraham is undoubtedly the most desirable man in the industry with a muscular body and macho looks. The actor is up to promote a gay cruise used by a gay group. Digging into the story, a Mexican gay Club made an ad with John Abraham’s topless winking poster on it.

One might doubt his $exuality after seeing his. However, the poster is a movie and the gay group hasn’t taken the consent from him to advertise their cruise with his picture. Fans are commenting that the actor might be unaware of this situation completely. However, the picture went viral on the internet.

Netizens are stating that being a cool guy, John won’t be mad even if he came to know about it. However, the post, on the other hand, is creating a sensation in the social media. Will the actor ignore it or react seriously? Let’s see.

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