Actress Malavika Sharma Hot Pole Dance Moves Video

Actress Malavika Sharma who made her Telugu debut with Ravi Teja-starrer Nela Ticket recently has a unique fitness routine including pole dancing. Is she learning this style for her next film? “The Actress Malavika Sharma Hot Pole Dance Video shares, “No, this thought stems from my own will and passion. The whole idea came up because of my love for fitness and dance.

The Pole dancing is a great way to work on your flexibility. This is a good supplement to my usual routine.” The actress Malavika Sharma recently picked up Kathak as well. “Kathak embraces me and makes my dance moves more graceful and elegant. Initially, I was a bit of tomboyish. After I started doing Kathak, my body language has been transformed,” Malavika Sharma adds.

Actress Malavika Sharma Hot Pole Dance Video

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