Pornhub Introduced Free VPN Service Called VPNhub
Pornhub Introduced Free VPN Service Called VPNhub

The Pornhub is launched its own VPN service called VPNhub with free and unlimited bandwidth. For the first time, any porn website like the giant ‘’ launched this service. The VPN provides users with an encrypted connection that protects their privacy and personal information, allowing them to watch porn online or browse online, without restrictions. It’s also designed to let users transmit data anonymously and Pornhub will not save any of the data or information of a user.

Pornography is obviously one industry that may be more prone to being blocked in certain locations, while many users may not wish to peruse risqué content for fear of being found out. And that is why Pornhub is now launching a service of its own. But how much demand will there be for yet another VPN service? Well, the company thinks that, because VPNs are popular conduits for accessing porn, VPNhub may be a natural option for many.

The Latest VPNHub is also made available on the various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Moreover, the mobile version of the newly launched service proffers the users with a free ad-supported tier with unlimited bandwidth that too without the need of creating an account. However, the users restricted to US-based proxy can use alternative nodes for browsing in part of the world.

On another hand, the service offered on the desktop will require a premium account, however, interested users can try the same absolutely free for about seven days. After those users will be required to opt for a plan which is $13/monthly or $55 annually. This new VPNHUB service will be available across the globe except for the nations like Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.


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