Ram Charan Dhruva Movie Is Better Than Thani Oruvan

Ram Charan Dhruva Movie Is Better Than Jayam Ravi’s Thani Oruvan ….?? #Dhruva Movie Opinion :

Dhruva Movie Public Review: After Ram Charan’s Dhruva movie released, it brought much of the attraction through the Tamil movie which was a super hit. But the movie will be changed to Telugu flavor. The movie released and got much hype from the promotions as well as the Tamil remake which was a super hit. But we don’t actually know which one is better. Let’s find out.

The Dhruva Movie was initially started with the remake idea by Director Surendar Reddy. The Director is confident that the movie will be a hit from the story. The next reason the movie got this much big stage other than Surendar Reddy and Ram Charan Tej is Geetha Arts Banner, the home production house of Allu Aravind. Allu Aravind makes it much more bigger than it has to be by investing a little more money for the film.
Talking about Arvind Swamy, he is remembered by his role which surprised viewers with his portrayal of Siddharth in Thani Oruvan as a villain. Siddharth is a stylish, intelligent scientist, was unlike any Tamil villain. Swamy reprises that role in Dhruva film as well with his mesmerizing dialogue delivery and timing. The character has been brought to life once again in Dhruva.
The next big thing we can talk about the Hip Hop Tamizha Music. The Tollywood debut of Hip Hop Tamizha who gave the tunes for the original Thani Oruvan changed the music which equally rocked when compared with the original. The movie has everything to be the craziest super hit should have even with Ram Charan along with the lead actress Rakul Preet Singh.
Ramcharan has worked hard on his body (were steroids involved?) and the camera doesn’t let us forget that. Dhruva takes off his shirt enough number of times for the audience to appreciate all the effort and well, who’s complaining? 
Rakul Preet Singh makes for a vivacious heroine and if memory serves me right, her character is a tad better written than Nayantara’s was in “Thani Oruvan”.Navdeep, Nasser, Posani brought the next biggest thing to live with the characters of the movie to make it much more bigger with their presence.
These all make the Dhruva bigger than the original. But we have the question still running in our mind. Is Dhruva better than Thani Oruvan? We can say that as a tie. The rest will be left to the audience to make it and compare the film.Comment your opinion and let us know what you think about the Ramcharan Dhruva movie.


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