Sadak 2 Movie Release Date Fixed on November 15, 2019

Sadak 2 Movie Release Date
Sadak 2 Movie Release Date

Pooja Bhatt‘s 1991 hit film “Sadak”, the sequel Sadak 2 Movie Release Date Fixed on November 15, 2019. Mahesh Bhatt and Vishesh Films are presenting “Sadak 2”, which is produced by Mukesh Bhatt, read a statement. Earlier, Pooja Bhatt, who had starred in the original film with Sanjay Dutt, had said “Sadak 2” will deal with the issue of depression.

Last year, Pooja Bhatt had spoken about the new film, and said: “We are making ‘Sadak 2’ in which we are showing Sanjay Dutt in his true and present time (Sanjay Dutt is a Drug Abuse Survivor), so we are dealing with issue of depression in that film but we are making a commercial film.

“We have to make our point and we chose film as our medium because when you choose a mainstream format then your message goes deeper and wider,” she added. “Sadak” saw Sanjay Dutt playing the character of a young man in love with a $ex worker essayed by Pooja and fights against all odds to be with her.

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