Shanti Dynamite Enters Bigg Boss Season 12 Contestant

Shanti Dynamite Enters Bigg Boss 12 Contestant
Shanti Dynamite Enters Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Actor Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss Season 12 has already started making noise ever since the makers of the controversial reality show announced the auditions being open for commoners on Twitter in April this year. And now some interesting details are doing the rounds. After Sunny Leone, another adult star will be stepping into the house for the next season. If rumours are to be believed, adult movie star Shanti Dynamite is likely to enter Bigg Boss 12 as a contestant and raise the glamour quotient of the reality show.

However, this is not the first time the adult stars name has cropped up among the possible contenders in the Bigg Boss. Earlier, there were reports that Shanti Dynamite was being considered as a contestant in the earlier seasons of Bigg Boss but it never worked out. With this news, it looks like the makers of the Bigg Boss are looking to make the show more controversial and full of drama to keep the audience hooked.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss Season 12 will be introducing a new theme where the participants will be allowed to enter the house with their loved ones. But this time around, participants will be allowed to audition with their partners. They will be allowed to bring anyone to be their partners from their spouses to parents to siblings to co-workers or even friends for auditioning together. To register, participants need to register on the official website, then upload a video with their partners and once chosen, they would be called for personal interviews for the final rounds of auditions.

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