Team Jagananna App
Team Jagananna App

The YSRCP has released a new mobile app called ‘Team Jagananna App’. It is made available on Google Play Store. The idea is to enroll as many as social media activists to promote the party. A person downloads and signs up with the Team Jagananna App, he will be given certain tasks like sharing it on his social networking like FB, Twitter, and WhatsApp groups.

Upon completing the tasks, the user will be getting reward points. The first task will fetch him/her Rs 100 instantly. The amount will be credited to their Paytm account. Its a cool initiative by YSRCP. However, ruling TDP party leaders criticizing the app as it appears like some multi-level marketing scheme luring public with petty cash. 

This Team Jagananna APP is developed to serve as a platform for a group of volunteers who want to spread the vision of a strong leader among the people of Andhra Pradesh. It will help the volunteers to reach out to the widely active population on social media platforms in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Download Team Jagananna App



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