Varshini Sounderajan Tops Most Desirable Woman on TV 2017
Varshini Sounderajan Tops Most Desirable Woman on TV 2017

The first edition of Hyderabad Times 15 Most Desirable Women on Television 2017 is out and gorgeous diva Varshini Sounderajan Tops The Most Desirable Woman on Television. Hyderabad girl Varshini Sounderajan who is now “living her dream” as the host of popular dance reality show Dhee 10, opens up about her journey from being a chubby girl to a small screen heartthrob.

When Varshini Sounderajan was asked about her Tollywood offers, she said, I will be a doing a film with Sudheer Babu as the second lead. But television is the best thing that has happened to me and I won’t be leaving it anytime soon.”

Anchor Varshini Sounderajan said, “During my modelling stint, I learned the importance of dressing well speaking well and being confident in your own skin.” According to her, overall personality plays a very important role and she always focused on that. Anchor Varshini Sounderajan is also popular for her performance in the web series Pelli Gola, presented by Annapurna Studios and directed by Mallik Ram.

Top 15 Most Desirable Women on Television 2017:

  1. Varshini Sounderajan
  2. Vishnu Priya
  3. Meghana Lokesh
  4. Krutika Singh Rathore
  5. Rashmi Gautham
  6. Anasuya Bharadwaj
  7. Sree Mukhi
  8. Lakshmi Manchu
  9. Udaya Bhanu
  10. Marina Abraham
  11. Navya Swamy
  12. Devi Nagavalli
  13. Purnima
  14. Neha Chowdary
  15. Sunandha Mala Setti


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