Vidya Balan to Play PM Indira Gandhi on Screen

Vidya Balan to Play PM Indira Gandhi on Screen
Vidya Balan to Play PM Indira Gandhi on Screen

Acclaimed actress Vidya Balan will play former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi onscreen in a project based on journalist-author Sagarika Ghose book “Indira Gandhi: Indias Most Powerful Prime Minister”. “I am happy to have acquired the rights to Sagarika Ghose’s ‘Indira…’, because I have always wanted to play Indira Gandhi. I haven’t decided yet whether it should be a film or a web series, but that will take a while anyway,” Vidya Balan, a National Award winner, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Ghose, elated about signing the contract, wrote: “Most excited to see ‘Indira Gandhi’ on-screen!” She also called Vidya an “ace”. The book, published by Juggernaut Books, is a no-holds-barred biographical portrait that looks for answers to lingering issues: from why Indira Gandhi revoked the Emergency to her son Sanjay’s curious grip over her; and from her bad marriage and love affairs to her dangerous religious politics.

Indira Gandhi: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister” was pitched by the publishers to the film and screen community at the Word to Screen Market 2017, organized by the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival.

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