Vikram Bhatt Caught Ghost on Camera During 1921 Shoot?

Vikram Bhatt Caught Ghost on Camera During 1921 Shoot
Vikram Bhatt Caught Ghost on Camera During 1921 Shoot

A decade ago, Vikram Bhatt made a mind-boggling horror mystery called ‘1920’. He is now back with a sequel titled ‘1921‘. The shooting is said to be shot at a location where the era of 1921 can be strikingly depicted. In order to look vintage and haunted, the director shot at real-life haunted spots. The major part of the shoot took place at England’s Wentworth wood house in South Yorkshire.

It’s frightening to know that the director gave instructions to the whole crew to stay together while shooting after he spotted a ghost-like figure o the sets. The director mentioned the same on Twitter.

Vikram Bhatt Caught Ghost on Camera 

The film is based on 1921 paranormal activities that Ayush & Rose’s struggle with and how everything becomes upside down at the end. The film is written and directed by Vikram Bhatt under Motion Picture and Reliance Entertainment Production.

The 1921 Stars debutante Karan Kundra and Zareen Khan will be seen in the lead roles. The movie will be open to theaters on January 12th. We love Vikram Bhatt’s horror films and we hope this film will definitely be a rare horror flick with many frightening elements.

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