Yadavalli Akshay Kuamr
Civil Topper Yadavalli Akshay Kuamr Says RGV Is My Inspiration

Yadavalli Akshay Kumar, who scored 624th rank in the Civil Exams, had surprised everyone by saying that his life was not there without controversial director Ram Gopal Varma. Civil Akshay Kumar from Hanmakonda has recently been interviewed on iDreams youtube channel. After learning about RJ, he said that his mindset had changed.

He never used to sleep without watching RGV videos when posted even before the exams. Varma read many great philosophers at a very young age and said that he could not read that much, so he thought it would be enough to read Varma. He also added, Varma’s approach to crime in the society is very much liked and said he very much hopes to meet RGV. However, after watching the interview, RGV shared it on his Twitter account.

“Yedavalli Akshay Kumar a Civils Topper takes inspiration from a failed Civil engineer,” wrote Varma in his tweet. Saying that he was a scared student, Varma feels very proud despite failing Civil Engineering for twice.

Civil Topper Yadavalli Akshay Kumar Says RGV Is My Inspiration

“Hey Akshay I would like to meet you and talk to u about education,” Varma quoted. “For all those who thought I inspire only criminals and perverts take a listen to what this Civil Topper is saying. The irony is that I was a terrible student and failed in Civil engineering twice but proud about it,” added Varma.


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