Half Ticket Short Film is a fun and exciting story revolved around two strangers – Ayaan and Rhea, who have a roller-coaster of a day. So sit back and buckle up for this joy-ride!

Half Ticket Short Film

Half Ticket Short Film Credits:
Starring: Naveen Kasturia as Ayaan, Gunjan Malhotra as Rhea
Directed By: Prathamesh Patil
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Sandeep Balan
Produced By: Twilight Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

The Half Ticket short film revolves around Ayaan (Naveen Kasturia) and Rhea (Gunjan Malhotra) who happen to have really hectic jobs. It starts with Ayaan giving his boss an excuse on a Saturday for not being able to attend an office meeting on Sunday and Rhea handling irritating clients on a Saturday night.

They both coincidentally or say luckily get their respective half ticket film to a blind date with each other the next day i.e. Sunday. They meet each other the next afternoon and the rest is how they spend a fun day together at the turf.

It is a script that is pretty predictable yet unpredictable. The best part of this short is that you can just spend 25 minutes to let go of stress and feel good. It is not a heavy movie with an intent but just a light-hearted piece of cinema.The Half ticket is one such rare story of coincidences and luck that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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