Poonam Kaur Support To Mahesh Kathi

Poonam Kaur Support To Mahesh Kathi
Poonam Kaur Support To Mahesh Kathi

Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans are abusing Mahesh Kathi on twitter, and the critic countered them by making some allegations on the relationship between Pavan Kalyan and Actress Poonam Kaur. Kathi Mahesh Raised six questions to Poonam Kaur and asked her to come up with the answers.

In this scenario, Kathi Mahesh did not answer about his mother in a TV debate that took place last night. A lot of people on Twitter are wantedly poking Kathi Mahesh over the same issue and surprisingly, Poonam Kaur has come as a support to Kathi Mahesh.

Someone on Twitter tagged both Poonam Kaur and Kathi Mahesh and added, “Katthi wats the secret about your mother” to which Poonam Kaur sensibly tweeted saying, “Who ever this is you are not going to degrade any ones mother ! I sincrequest!uest ! Plz” which is now trending viral on Twitter.

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