Saturday , October 23 2021
Rakhi Sawant Introducing American Saif Ali Khan

Rakhi Sawant Introducing American Saif Ali Khan

The controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has now found a doppelganger of American Saif Ali Khan in the United States.Yes, you have read it right! Rakhi Sawant, who is on a video-sharing spree on her new Instagram account, introduced her fans to an American guy who she claims bears an uncanny resemblance to Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

Rakhi Sawant said hello to Kareena Kapoor Khan before introducing to her husband’s lookalike in the video. She is heard saying: “Guys, [email protected] I have found an American Saif Ali Khan!” She then made the guy say he is the American Saif Ali Khan, and even compare his features with the Bollywood actor.

Rakhi Sawant Introducing American Saif Ali Khan

Rakhi Sawant then said she was thinking of marrying him! The man, however, laughed out loud on hearing the marriage proposal, but later said: “We’ll try.” This individual does indeed look like the 1990s’ Saif Ali Khan, and we must applaud Rakhi Sawant for her amazing discovery.

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