Rene Kaselowsky Elephant Stunt Video Goes Viral

Rene Kaselowsky Elephant Stunt Video Goes Viral
Rene Kaselowsky Baahubali Elephant Stunt

Rene Kaselowsky Elephant Stunt video Shared on Instagram where he is seen performing a similar stunt with an elephant as Prabhas did in Baahubali. The man named Rene Kaselowsky who is an animal trainer by profession has shared a video on his social media page. In one of the video, Rene Kaselowsky is seen jumping on top of the elephant using the animal’s trunk as a stepping stone. Rene Kaselowsky captioned the video, “1 or 2 ?” This video is going viral and grabbing the attention of many.

The Rene Kaselowsky Elephant Stunt Video has received 3,419 likes on Instagram. Rene Kaselowsky is quite popular on the photo-sharing site- Instagram and enjoys a fan base of over 30.3k followers. Rene Kaselowsky has posted multiple videos on his Instagram where he is performing stunts with the giant animals. Rene Kaselowsky is a professional and also performs at a circus.

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