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Agnyaathavaasi Saree Designed By Pawan Kalyan Fan

Agnyaathavaasi Saree Designed By Pawan Kalyan Fan

Agnyaathavaasi Saree Designed By Pawan Kalyan Fan

The Tollywood Director Trivikram Srinivas Telugu movie Agnyaathavaasi / Agnyathavasi finally released on January, 10th, 2018. The Film starring Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh, and Anu Emmanuel has received positive reviews from the audience. On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan fans have already seen two to three shows of the movie by now.

The Pawan Kalyan fans are enjoying the release of their favourite hero movie by throwing papers in theatres. They are giving an entry in the theatres with a bag full of papers. Some fans are celebrating this like a festival and pouring milk on the cutouts of power star Pawan Kalyan. But a fan showed his love for Pawan Kalyan in a different and unique way.

A diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan who is a handloom worker from Dharmavaram designed a saree with Pavan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi movie still on it. The photos of the saree went viral on the social media and he became a celebrity among Pawan Kalyan fans now. Regardless of the movie outcome, Pawan fans always stay loyal to their favourite hero. Let’s wait and see how Agnyaathavaasi is going to impress the audience.

Agnyaathavaasi Saree Designed By Pawan Kalyan Fan

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