Rakhi Sawant MMS Video leaked on Internet Goes Viral

Rakhi Sawant leaked MMS Video
Rakhi Sawant MMS Video: Rakhi Sawant is always at the thick of controversy. Sometimes it’s her words that bring her trouble, rest of the times it is her choice of clothing. A lot of times she invites the controversy, but more than that controversy comes knocking at her door. 
We received the news that a video of Rakhi Sawant MMS is going viral on the internet. Now, that should not surprise anyone, but the details of the video gave us a shock. The video shows Rakhi Sawant changing clothes in a dressing room, unaware of the camera. The woman in the video looks exactly like Rakhi Sawant, and even sounds like her. But there is more to the story.

Watch Rakhi Sawant MMS Video Leaked Online

We got in touch with the sassy diva and asked her about the video, and she was aware that something as malicious as this was going viral. “This is not me,” she exclaimed. “Someone has morphed my face, and has been spreading it on WhatsApp.” she said.Now we wonder what action will Rakhi Sawant take against this Video?
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