Tuesday , January 18 2022
Shraddha Das Plays Prostitute Role in Short Film
Shraddha Das Plays Prostitute Role in Shringardaan Short Film

Shraddha Das Plays Prostitute Role in Short Film

Actress Shraddha Das despite her hot looks to sparkle on the silver screen and to reach the next level of stardom. Actress Shraddha Das plays prostitute in Shringardaan a short film being directed by renowned cinematographer Deepak Pandey. Talking about the project, Shraddha says, “Shringardaan is set in the ‘90s.

It is the story of a beautiful relationship that blossoms between a young prostitute Shaiba and Gupta, a principled and disciplined middle-aged man who is against the profession of prostitution. While living in a brothel in Lucknow, Shaiba meets Gupta.”

The actress Shraddha Das says that she signed the film because she found her role to be challenging. “There’s a lot more to the role than meets the eye; the character has several emotions and the film gives me a great opportunity to exhibit them. Also, there’s a lot of research that has gone into the development of my wardrobe for the part.”

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